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be on the case

idiom   informal

to be doing what needs to be done in a particular situation:
"We need to book a flight before it's too late." "Don't worry, I'm on the case."

phrase. someone is aware of a particular problem and are trying to resolve it. "Management is on the case now, and it looks as if things will return to normal soon."

investigative - actively engaged in an official investigation.

"officers on the case are unable to find a motive"

With a background spanning over ten years in backstage and logistical roles in Live Music and Events, along with experience as both a PA/Office Manager and Executive Assistant in Artist Management and Production, I am now fusing my extensive experience to providing an exemplary virtual assistant service to professionals in the music industry.


Achieving success in the Music Industry is not just about getting tasks done – it's about nurturing talent, fostering creativity, and building meaningful connections. Working with an accomplished assistant who can take care of small things so that you can take care of the big things, and get the most out of your most valuable asset - your time. 





I approach our working relationship to understand you as a person, your specific needs, your best ways of working and therefore how I can best support you. 

Welcome to the world of On the Case -

—where for me, having a task at hand isn't just a job, it's an adventure. It's a phrase with dual personalities, like a linguistic superhero. On one side, it's the dynamic force that propels you into action, armed with purpose, curiosity, and determination. 

On the other, it’s investigative, gut trusting, follows intuition, ready to unearth answers and solve mysteries with flair - whether it's a project deadline, the right gift to make your client smile, or uncovering the secrets of success.

Here, the task underway isn't just about efficiency; it's a testament to the skills of a seasoned assistant and live music/event professional. Yet, beyond the organisational finesse lies a strong desire to solve the critical puzzles that the live music, touring, and events industry faces—specifically in the realms of leadership, mental health, and sustainability. 

At On The Case, I consider this a commitment to unravelling the challenges that matter most, transforming the tasks of administrative support for those I work with into opportunities for positive change. Welcome to a realm where being 'on the case' means not only achieving excellence but also contributing to the betterment of an industry I love being part of.

"Thank you for being an excellent
Right Hand Woman"

Luxury Event Planner


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